Sunday, December 14, 2008

Betty Draper's Got Sass

Last night, I attended two very different holiday parties: one conservative, one not so much. To reconcile the two different dress codes, I had to sass up my somewhat traditional dress.

Betty Draper's Got Sass

Betty Draper's Got Sass

Betty Draper's Got Sass

Karen Millen dress, vintage necklace, Hermes bangle, Gap leather jacket, Pour la Victoire shoes, DKNY stockings, Chanel purse

In other news, at the first party, I met a lovely lady who told me that butterflies are apparently popular in holiday decorating schemes this year. She decorates the German embassy for the holidays every year and was at a loss for what to do this year, so she went with a cream and gold color palette, using white orchids and gold leaf. She said it still "needed something" and was worried butterflies might look cheesy, but they actually ended up looking quite elegant. At the second party, I learned that more than one male feels strongly that they would leave their significant other for Burt Reynolds, if the opportunity became available.

Oh, and a little bird told me to share this with the blogosphere:


Ramune said...

Love the dress! Very stylin'. That video is . . . wow . . . just wow. PeeWee wearing a Christmas hat with dreads . . . not something I ever thought I would see but am very glad I did.

Russ said...

Does look great and sassy indeed!