Wednesday, November 19, 2008


On Saturday, I took a fun-filled impromptu winery tour around Middleburg with some friends. We started at the Tasting Room in town for Boxwood Vineyards. It was fun because you can put money on a card and swipe it in a machine for each wine you want to taste - like an arcarde! They said they'd never heard that analogy before. Next, we went to Chrysalis Vineyards, which was... marginal at best. Sarah's Patio Red was better left on the patio, let's just put it that way. The last was definitely the best: Piedmont Vineyards. Not only was it beautiful (see pics below), it actually had great wines! The peach wine is the only thing I would pass on in the future, but I took a bottle of the Piedmont Hunt Country Red home (it had a pretty label) and I'll be interested to see what B. thinks of it.

Thanks to M. and V. for taking some of these pics!

Wining 1

Wining 2

Wining 4

Wining 3

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