I absent-mindedly grabbed this big beaded necklace in the checkout line at a thrift store. The old ladies that work there, bless their hearts, are so sweet, but efficient, they are not. This outfit was from Haircut Day a couple weeks ago. Stopped in Loehman’s afterward and my heart went all aflutter with the marvelous … Continue Reading

I love the mannequin-like quality of this photo. All B’s artistry. This could be, quite possibly, the most perfect vintage blouse I’ve ever found, if not of all time. The most delicate design and cut-outs combined with light, soft fabric are what true love is made of. Lack of HBO has left me embittered towards … Continue Reading

Summer days are almost here! This is one of my favorite summer dresses – perfect for layering over a swimwear, bumming around town, or slapping on a pair of platforms and going out for a drink. My friends and I did some grilling on Saturday, drank some wine, listened to hippie records, and watched the … Continue Reading

I love Fall.  The leaves are gorgeous this year and it’s making me excited for Halloween.  I rode the elevator today with a man carrying an extremely accurate Poppin’ Fresh jack ‘o lantern.  Had the hat and everything.  Not sure what the story was there, but the guy looked super serious for someone carrying a … Continue Reading