You know what I love about this whole sporty chic thing? Take some comfy shorts and a top, add heels and blazer, et voila, you’re done! Now if I can just get my hands on a pair of fancy scalloped Chloe shorts, my life will be complete. Oh and this nifty little pin thing I … Continue Reading

I’m loving summer now that it’s finally acting like it. The weather seems to be back on track and hopefully I can put away my rain gear for a while. My mom got this dress for me in St. Lucia and the print makes me wish I was on a beach somewhere. *sigh!* dress from … Continue Reading

Just a few things that are making me smile at the moment… Ken Brown’s creepily fantastic postcards (via Art Moco Meta) Padma Lakshmi’s swing in her living room (image from Harper’s Bazaar) Poppies – they always look like paper flowers to me. These underwater photos by Bruce Mozert (via playmedesign) This amusing Scrabble video (via … Continue Reading

So B and I are heading out today for a nice long summery weekend, which gets my mind mulling over a few beautiful summery things… I really want a Bond-girl-style zipped bathing suit.(l to r) Loeffler Randall zipper bandeau bikini, American Apparel shiny zipper-front bodysuit, Lisa Marie Fernandez bustier bikini, Cheap Monday bea bikini I’ve … Continue Reading