I’m going to start by saying Loft has been kind of a godsend as I start to accept that, no, I cannot just squeeze myself into my normal clothes for the remainder of my pregnancy and, yes, I will, in fact, have to invest in a new wardrobe for summer. I didn’t want to spend … Continue Reading

If you’re a DC area resident, you might be familiar with a dreamlike place full of beautiful treasures called the Tiny Jewel Box. As part of a very special bridal event at the store this weekend, I was invited to put together a capsule collection of my favorite engagement and wedding rings (I say this … Continue Reading

Nothing beats a strong red lip when the days get cooler. Refinery29 recently sent me three shades of Maybelline Color Elixir to try, which included the rich red hue pictured, as well as a plum and a hot pink. Over the course of this past week, I’ve gotten a chance to try all three of … Continue Reading

In response to my Burberry Body post, Franziska asked if I had posted an outfit with my Burberry trench. Sadly, not in a long time and this a fault of mine, not the coat’s, because I do wear it quite often. I think, since I’ve had it so long, I kind of take it for … Continue Reading