How are you all enjoying your weekend?  I always feel like mine could be one day longer. How do you cram socializing, chores, and relaxation into just two days? My theory is that it can’t be done. Someone needs to lobby for a 3-day weekend… vintage blazer Kate Hill dress Hermes bangles Bally bag ASOS … Continue Reading

I’ve had this coat for ages. I go through phases of wearing it and not wearing it, but I’ve yet to go through a phase where I feel that I need to replace it. There’s something to be said for Burberry durability. How are your holidays going? I’m currently in New Mexico, where reality television … Continue Reading

Gah! I have so many pictures to share and so little time! Once again, I quick post before I have to switch back to the real world, but I promise, after this weekend, my time will be solely devoted to you. Two action-packed days until Halloween in New Orleans!! Eeeeeeeeeeekkkk!!! These were from the first … Continue Reading

The belt strikes again! It wasn’t so easy to see in the last outfit, so I hope this look shows it off a little better. The weather could not have been more perfect this weekend. I love crisp fall days likes these. These photos were taken on Saturday, when we went to the most picturesque … Continue Reading