The moment I saw this captivating photo, I knew I had to have these nails. Thankfully, the wonders of Twitter delivered a quick solution to a lazy DIY-er like myself. Insta-response from Twitter friend Erin pointed me to this DIY and then the necessary supplies. I admit I was frightened when these first arrived with … Continue Reading

Ugggh, looking at these pictures reminds me how nice the weather was on Friday!  I couldn’t contemplate anything but summer ensembles when it was so warm outside…and now we’re back to this crap.  I can’t remember if I’ve posted these jeans on the blog before, but they were the result of an experiment with bleach … Continue Reading

Chloe Ad My mom gave me this wonderful Fabriano journal/sketchbook a while ago and I’ve been trying to use it more, as of late.  In the past, I’ve had this weird hangup where I only like drawing on very smooth (usually cheap) white paper, but I’m trying to change so my sketches aren’t always on … Continue Reading

I apologize for the lack of posts. Just got back from an amazing trip to upstate NY and I am beat. I took a bunch of pics, though, that I’m looking forward to sharing. This outfit is from Wednesday, when a night of high-end beer sampling turned into a slightly longer night than usual. I’m … Continue Reading