Kind of hard to believe I’ve hit the two year mark. I have to say I owe it all to having such kind readers and commenters. I’m constantly blown away by the fact that, in a dark, scary place like the Internet, I’ve found such a supportive group of people. This blog has been an … Continue Reading

The lovely and eloquent princesspolitico tagged me for a fun post I’ve been wanting to try for a while. The rules are: 1) open your first photo folder 2) scroll down to the 10th photo 3) post the photo and a brief story behind it. I’m 90% sure this photo is from Chantilly (outside Paris), … Continue Reading

I started this blog a year ago without any great aspirations or direction, so I’m somewhat in awe of the fact that I’ve kept it going for this long.  I’ve never kept a journal for longer than a week, yet this blog keeps me coming back day after day.  Thank you to every one of … Continue Reading

…I got married! Since I have yet to find another use for my wedding dress (except for wearing it around the house, which I plan to do one day), I thought I’d put it to work on z blog. As I sit here eating my unfrozen wedding cake topper with my lovely husband, I can … Continue Reading