Flashing back to a sunny day in New Mexico (a stark contrast the dreary day we’re currently experiencing here in DC). I always make a point of bringing one of my most treasured possessions when we visit the southwest – this antique Navajo squash blossom necklace my mother gave to me a few years ago. … Continue Reading

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So as promised, my Santa Fe, New Mexico guide! Well, a short one at least. So far I’ve only gotten to enjoy it in short trips, but I hope to expand upon this in the future. Fun fact: B and I actually stayed here (and in Taos) for our honeymoon, so it’s been fun to … Continue Reading

I’ve been working hard on my Santa Fe guide and I’m happy to say it’s almost finished! In the meantime, one more outfit post from our stay. I wore this out to dinner one night at Estevan, the Hotel Chimayó’s new, in-house restaurant that we heard such good things about. Overall it was a wonderful … Continue Reading

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B and I visit his family in New Mexico every year and recently started a new tradition with his parents to spend a few days in Santa Fe before heading to their home in Roswell. I love it because it brings back memories of spending the holidays with my own family out west in Colorado. … Continue Reading

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