I’ve been biding my time for it to get cold enough to wear these leggings outdoors. They’re pretty amazing, like having a sweater for your bottom half.  Somehow managed to channel Washington Crossing the Delaware with these photos…  Just get me a 3-cornered hat and I’m set.  Guess who needs a haircut?  This girl. Accessory … Continue Reading

Currently listening to Electric Avenue (I finally saw Pineapple Express and can no longer get the damn song out of my head so now, my dear readers, I pass the burden on to you) The blazer has been assimilated into regular rotation. This time, I actually remembered to get a good pic of the back. … Continue Reading

Currently listening to this hysterical cover of WomanizerBack at work. Sad :-(. But I won’t dwell on it because I found this new skirt to make me happy. And it looks strikingly similar to Sophie Theallet’s skirts for spring, which also helps. Pink and gray might be my new favorite color combo – they seem … Continue Reading

Currently listening to Ce Jeu I got this magnificent cape off the Etsy shop 658GreenStreet and I love it so much! I was so glad it was cold enough today to wear it. I feel like a character in a fairy tale who wanders into a place she shouldn’t be. Oh and on our walk, … Continue Reading