This was pretty much my uniform for cold weather errand-running over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. This beautiful DeNada scarf is so warm it doesn’t even require a coat most of the time. Kind of a refreshing option to have as we enter into the dreaded “coat weather.” These gloves are another great winter option. Not … Continue Reading

What to wear when the temperatures refuse to raise above freezing? It boggles my mind how the Swedish girls look so stylish in eyeball-chilling temperatures. Do I look cold in these photos? I was. No amount of layers are ever going to keep my eyeballs from freezing out of my head. Or maybe that will … Continue Reading

So Lady Gaga was amazing last night, as expected.  I have some photos to weed through to share with you all, just hang tight.  In the meantime, Lady G’s mind-blowing glove selection had me browsing leather gloves for Fall today, so I thought I might share my finds… Topshop Studded Driving Gloves – Aren’t these … Continue Reading

120108_gauntlets_01, originally uploaded by solupine. The ever-creative and industrious R. made a super cool pair of gauntlets worth checking out. Perhaps she will make a pair for me…