A little understated, yet sophisticated inspo for Paris packing. I’m only a few days away and I couldn’t be more excited! It’s my first time back in 10 years – any recommendations for while I’m there?

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I wish I could be this effortless! Makes me want to throw out half of my clothes, haha


I went to see an Alaia exhibit at this little museum when I was there last year. Looks like they have an exhibit going on now with fashion from the 50's! And there's a little cafe on a corner catty-corner to the museum which has excellent risotto. 😉


Have a wonderful time!!!


Ohhh Paris! How wonderful! I love your inspiration, especially the leather jacket layered over the sweater and button down.

I don't have any advice as I've never been, but you should talk to Cee at http://www.cocoandvera.com – she lived there for a year.

Chic on the Cheap


Here's a French blog for more inspiration: http://www.etpourquoipascoline.fr (if you don't already follow it).

Take a Bateaux Mouches tour at sunset. Shop in the Marais. I got a cute duffle at Bensimon, but they're known for their tennies. 🙂 Pylones is a super cute gadget shop. There's one on Ile St Louis, near Notre Dame. There are several Statues of Liberty – one is near the Eiffel Tower. Montmartre is artsy. Also, I never miss a stop to the mothership: Sephora on the Champs-Élysées. 🙂 And "soldes" means sales, but those usually only take place twice a year.

I'm so excited for you! Bonnes vacances!


omg you're going to Paris!!
ah the city of Love <3
these are such fabulous pictures
have a wonderful trip!!!



I love how these ladies rock a suit. Hope you have fun on your trip! http://soworkweekchic.blogspot.com/

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