Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Tourists Have Landed

Night-Time - The Strangeloves

The Tourists Have Landed
This is my first and only picture of me in front of the White House.

The Tourists Have Landed
This is why.

The Tourists Have Landed
B and I thought it would be a great day to run some errands downtown and walk around Lafayette Square. Bad idea. We didn't bank on the fact that thousands of tourists were rolling in for the Cherry Blossom Festival. Pretty day, though.

Pennsylvania Ave. Street Hockey Game
Apparently it's kosher to play street hockey on Pennsylvania Ave. in front of the Old Executive Office building.

Angie top
Old Navy shorts
Urban Outfitters boots
Boyy bag
Ray Ban Wayfarers


Shin said...

I really love your floral blouse and those boots are perfect with your shorts! I wish I could visit the white house! Maybe Michelle Obabma will come out and wave! xxoxoxoxoxo

Bambola said...

Those shoes are absolutely amazing!!

& those cherry blossoms are pretty spectacular too... hope you enjoyed the day, despite the tourists

Bambola x

cocorosa said...

loveeee your boots <3 <3 and yes cherry blossoms:) xoxo

F Blog said...

looks like a lovelyyy day, we have snow where i am :( so shit.
and im dying over those boots! killer!

Sylvia Cunningham said...

Fantastic outfit! The breezy blouse (does that make sense?) makes me want summer so badly. Looks like a fun day as well!

Rosanna said...

aaahhh! those boooots!! <3


sarah said...

love the boots!

Hemaly said...

Your boots are so sweet. Love it against the DC spring.

Victoria C said...

Gosh I love those shoes they are so gorgeous!! Have fun in DC! xo

Cas Ruffin said...

Loving the top with those shoes.

ryder said...

well im sure they noticed you, you look great in this Urban Outfitters boots. very cool.

Jillian said...

lovein those boots girl! <3

The Queen of Hearts said...

I can't believe how beautiful it is in DC. April is such a lovely time of year there. I miss it. I used to live on Pennsylvania Avenue. Those were the days.