Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Intergalactic Planetary

"Flash Gordon" vs Rick Owens
Image Source

I meant to post this article last week, but didn't, because I am a slacker blogger. Anyway, I find it interesting the way history mirrors itself, how, as we enter troubled economic times, we once again revert to escapism - looking to the skies for a planet without credit card debt and unpayable mortgages. NY Times notes these themes, which were popular in the Depression, reappearing in today's runways.


♥ fashion chalet said...

I love seeing where fashion designers' ideas stem from!! :]


Shin said...

That black and white flash Gorden photo is priceless! Look at all those tight shorts all the men were wearing!

F Blog said...

So crazy/interesting!!!
And I added your blog to my listttt!

Yuka said...

very interesting thought

Jillian said...

DAMN! TOTAL EARWORM! Your title has the Beastie Boys stuck in my head!

I love looks like this though, so futuristic! great post!

oh btw... i am OBSESSED w/ lady gaga's paparazzi song... can't get that out of my head either!

actaully think i'll go listen to it now!

zoƫ said...

i can totally see the similarities !
cool post :)

♥ fashion chalet said...

thank you! I love the Selby cool! <3


Cris Lazoru said...

great! now I wanna see that movie


electric feel said...

rick owens is a genius

Francheska said...

Im a slacker blogger myself too!! :)
Love this resemblance though!

Alice X said...

mm interesting likes the stuctural rick owens.