china collection at Hillwood estate

Russian icons at Hillwood Estate

china collection at Hillwood Estate and Gardens

Marjorie Post’s evening gown

Marjorie Post’s closet at Hillwood

Marjorie Post’s jewelry at Hillwood

Marjorie Post’s shoe collection at Hillwood

Marjorie Post’s jewelry collection at Hillwood

District of Chic at Hillwood Estate and Gardens

Hillwood Estate and Gardens

gladiolus at Hillwood Estate and Gardens

Japanese Style Garden at Hillwood Estate

gardens at Hillwood Estate

gardens at Hillwood Estate

gardens at Hillwood Estate

gardens at Hillwood Estate

B and I made an informal to-do list at the beginning of the summer and one of the items was to revisit the gardens at Hillwood. I’ve been thinking about things to do with my own garden, so what better place to get ideas than here? Last time I posted about Hillwood, I mentioned the incredible china collection, yet failed to post any pictures of it. Consider that mistake rectified. Also managed to get some photos of Marjorie Merriweather Posts’s closet this time. Girlfriend had a seriously enviable jewelry collection.





I was just thinking about how I wanted to go back to Hillwood before the summer is over but the rain has prevented me from doing. Your post is making wanna go this weekend…


Such a beautiful place! I love the photos, the china, jewelry, everything looks so pretty!
I also like your casual and cute outfit, especially this lovely boho blouse!

I watched the American version of The Killing, there are three seasons available so far and all three were SO thrilling, really good plots.
But I want to see the original soon too.


Ah, beatiful, beautiful pictures! I especially love the ones of the intricate china and ooh ohh those pretty gardens. What a neat place to visit!

Also, your puffy pirate sleeves fit right in with the setting. How perfect are those?!


Wow looks like a beautiful place to visit! The black and white dress plus the china is fabulous.



I've been dying to go back to Hillwood and take my girlfriend, but I'm holding out until their Gay Day in September. The closet wasn't open when I was there last time!

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