1. lilac tied top and linen pants, 2. fuchsia eyelet dress, 3. marigold strappy sandals, 4. orange sandals, 5. ruffled crop top, 6. woven parrot earrings Does anyone else have a “bad” habit of only shopping when there’s a sale? I’ll be honest, I hardly ever shop anymore unless there’s some sort of discount incentive. … Continue Reading

Shop my Shopbop Sale Picks

First, I am a bad little blogger. I apologize. Nothing else we can do now but move on from this. Second, K is the devil for making me go to the Farinelli’s sale, where I bought not one, but two very cute dresses that I did not need, but will still love unconditionally. Damnit. Third, … Continue Reading

This brand makes the best rugby shirts ever!! I have one that I love and wear all the time. It fits so well and isn’t too boring (as polos can be). Take advantage of this, they’re a little pricey, but they’re worth it! Click here for the women’s collection.

It’s the Topshop sale today bitches! I can tell you I’ve already ordered this and this and this. Crossing my fingers they’re all as cute as they look on the internets!