Believe it or not, we do host dinner parties since having a child, but they’re much more hastily-thrown together than they used to be. Recently Calvert Woodley reached out about helping me host a special event and it was the perfect excuse to plan a dinner party like we did back in the days before … Continue Reading

I’ve been bad about sharing recipes lately and part of that is because we had gotten kind of a rut. We don’t have a ton of time to try really involved recipes so we tend to fall back on our tried-and-true favorites. But for Christmas my mom got me Alison Roman’s “Dining In” and it’s … Continue Reading

Fun fact: two years ago on Labor Day I was making tomato pie for a summer dinner party when I went into labor with J; so it seemed only appropriate that I should make it again! This time I decided to try a mouthwatering recipe I stumbled across in Southern Living. Traditionally tomato pie is … Continue Reading

Apologies again for the massive gaps between recipe shares. It’s hard to completely blame the kiddo this time, because honestly we’ve just been enjoying summer outdoor activities and dedicating time to trying new recipes hasn’t really been our top priority. But we recently had a nice excuse to slow down and cook a nice family … Continue Reading