On those rare weekends when we don’t have anything planned, one our favorite things to do is lazily shop and eat our way around Union Market. So when we found ourselves in such a delightful situation this past Saturday, we headed over under the guise of stocking up on ingredients for a few recipes we … Continue Reading

Ask a new parent the sexiest words they can imagine and I’m pretty confident they’ll respond, “hotel stay, sans kids.” Don’t get me wrong, I love my son and look forward to my weekend adventures with him, but sometimes it’s nice to get a break from the 6 AM wakeups. So when you find a … Continue Reading

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Confession: I may or may not have sent my child to daycare for a couple days over winter break so I could be somewhat productive and get stuff done around the house. I feel kind of guilty about it, but it’s astonishing what one can get accomplished without a two year old running wild. B … Continue Reading

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When I first toured the newly opened DC Wharf, the place I was most excited about was Pearl Street Warehouse. Modeled after New Orleans music venues, it was designed as an indoor/outdoor space with with a bar and dining area that kind of spills out onto the pedestrian street outside. Also (like many a New … Continue Reading

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