A few of you might follow me on pinterest, but you might not know I spend quite a bit of time hoarding images on tumblr, too. Lately, I’ve been collecting a lot of oversized earring inspo and with all the great Memorial Day Weekend sales going on, now is a great time to pick up … Continue Reading

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I wore this to a beautiful spring dinner party hosted by Hush Puppies at Masseria, a DC restaurant I’ve been dying to check out since trying Zeke Emmanuel’s pop-up there back in 2015. The food certainly did not disappoint. We started with some delicious cheese-stuffed doughnuts and I loved my king crab & lobster mezzaluna. … Continue Reading

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How’s your spring closet cleaning been going? I’ve been on a tear this year, literally carting bags out for donation and consignment. I’ll be the first to admit I have waaay too many clothes and all the clutter is getting in the way of the things I actually want to wear. Lucky for me there’s … Continue Reading

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Confession: I’m a full-on adopter of the shower slides trend. Call it my ’90s upbringing, but when Adidas shower slides first started making a comeback, I was positively gleeful. So when Miu Miu took it to the next level and embellished them with pearls, well, you can kind of say it made my spring. I … Continue Reading