Monday, February 25, 2013

Dolce & Gabbana, killin' it

Truthfully, I haven't been super excited about any of the F/W collections up until now. Then along came Dolce & Gabbana. So many superlatives come to mind: oppulent, exquisite, expensive... And I mean "expensive" in the best way possible. Each piece is like a heartbreakingly beautiful piece of art. Mosaic and tapestry-like fabrics. Jewel-like bags. Gilded shoes. Wood inlay. The whole bit. Maybe if I start saving my pennies now, I'll be able to afford one of these gorgeous pieces come next fall...

all images via Vogue UK


  1. wow!! so exquisite!!!
    the shoes are my FAVE!! :D

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  2. LOVED this collection! Fun fact: the girl wearing the sunglasses is from my hometown, her name is Kayley and she's such a sweet girl. (And only 16!)

  3. This is so cool! Love the intricate details.


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  4. loving the colors and textures! rich and opulent! and amazing!!! and clearly unaffordable. lol!

  5. Oh my GOODNESS I just love the intricate designs here... they're so gorgeous and seriously my favorite thing ever... like those earrings? I could live in those. I want those earrings so badly. Then I could be a pretty princess.

    Don't even get me started on the bodice.

  6. Such pretty, intricate details :)

  7. there are no words to describe this collection... my comment should be an emoticon with its little mouth hanging open in awe.

  8. oh em to the gee!!!
    this collections is so intricate
    I love it
    those shoes
    those shades!!!
    wow wow wow =)


  9. Wow, how deliciously decadent!