Saturday, January 31, 2009

No Local Yocal's Gonna Shut Me Down

Currently listening to Crazy Eddie's Last Hurrah (Reckless Kelly), but I can't find any non-crap version in the internets so you'll have to download it because it's awesome.

No Local Yocal's Gonna Shut Me Down

No Local Yocal's Gonna Shut Me Down No Local Yocal's Gonna Shut Me Down

No Local Yocal's Gonna Shut Me Down No Local Yocal's Gonna Shut Me Down

No Local Yocal's Gonna Shut Me Down No Local Yocal's Gonna Shut Me Down

I'm obsessed with Givenchy's western tuxedos so I was pretty excited about my outfit - kind of had that Pulp Fiction feel so I wanted to look really badass in my pictures (hence the ridiculousness). If wishes were horses and horses bought me shoes, then I would have these and my life would be complete...

Image Source

Day Birger et Mikkelsen shirt
Banana Republic blazer
American Apparel skirt
Pour la Victoire shoes
borrowed bolo tie from B.

Friday, January 30, 2009

And I Feel So-So, So...

Currently listening to Needle in the Camel's Eye (Brian Eno)

and I feel so-so, so

and I feel so-so, so

I've been enjoying this H&M sweater quite a bit. I might even go out on a limb and say this is the best thing I've ever bought from H&M. I love that it's kind of military-styled, but ballerina-esque at the same time - kind of hard to do.

H&M cardigan
Forever21 culottes
H&M tights
Zara boots

PS I actually won at Keno last night so I don't feel so-so at all really :-)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

James Brooowwn...James Brooowwn....

Currently listening to Treat Me Mean, I Need the Reputation (Xploding Plastix)

The weather's been icky so I've basically been living in my Tecnica boots for the past 3 days. I have a large-sized aversion to Uggs, so these are my snow/comfy-padding-around boots. My outfit was a little out-there yesterday, but truthfully, all I really wanted to wear was a bunch of warm and comfy stuff so I threw on anything that met that criteria.

james brooowwn...james brooowwn... james brooowwn...james brooowwn...

james brooowwn...james brooowwn...

Accessory Street shawl, Temperley for Target shirt, Gap vest, Jonathan Saunders for Target pants, Tecnica boots

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Something Special for Me...

Currently listening to Your Teeth in My Neck (by Scientist)

Something Special from NYC

Picture 977
my new coat/dress!

Well I couldn't wait very long to incorporate my new NYC loot into my wardrobe. I got this bad boy at Opening Ceremony and I loves it so!! It was actually kind of nice that it was snowing and cold yesterday because I got to wear this thing to run my errands (it's very warm). Other highlights of my NYC trip (other than seeing my lovely friends): eating well and, consequently, seeing Austin Scarlett (of Project Runway Season 1 fame) at Kitchen Club. He's equally adorable in person, in case you had any doubts. And Kitchen Club is so so good. I totally have a new perspective on sake.

United Bamboo coat/dress
Banana Republic sweater
Mango jeans
Tecnica boots

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


B. and I just received a package of Christmas goodies that we had left in New Mexico. I had to share this neat little flower holder/vase, because it really is a lovely gift idea. It has little spikes in the bottom to hold the flower stems and then you fill the basin with water. For some odd reason, flowers actually seem to last longer in it. It was made by Norman Aufrichtig, who is based in Taos. You can see more of his creations here.

a lovely Christmas gift

a lovely Christmas gift
see the little spikes?

Monday, January 26, 2009


Another one of my work outfits, thus, more boring than usual. However, I've been having bouts of minimalistic fancy lately, so I thought I'd run with it. Maybe I'm getting tired of the over-layering, I dunno. Anyway, I really liked how the combination of the boat neck on the dress and the red lines of this hoodie/cardigan squared off my shoulders so nicely, so I thought I should look austere in the picture.


Jonathan Saunders for Target hoodie, Express dress, Pour la Victoire shoes

Best Jak & Jil Photo Ever Taken

Image Source

Umm...screw Kanye! Who's the guy second from the left?? That guy is phenomenal!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Playing Tourist

Well we're back from an action-packed weekend in NYC and I sat down and forced myself to sort through the rest of the Obama Gras pictures so I can finally get myself up to speed. It was fun last weekend to wander around and be a tourist in my own city. There was (and still is) tons of Obama paraphernalia all over the place so we felt the need to document some of the particularly ridiculous ones. You can see all of my Inauguration Weekend pics here, too.

Magruder's Presidential Welcoming Committee
Magruder's Presidential Welcoming Committee

4 Ps Inauguration Headquarters
4 Ps Inauguration Headquarters (they weren't kidding either, it was packed)

Nice Try California Tortilla
Ironically, 1 free taco is more food than one would normally receive at most inaugural balls.

Obama Water
no inaugural celebration would be complete without Obama Water

Tail End of Presidential Motorcade
we caught the tail end of the Presidential Motorcade leaving McLean the day before the Inauguration (it had motorcycles, which differentiates it from the VP motorcade)

Picture 076

Playing Tourist
Inauguration Day is the best day to visit the National Zoo, fyi.

stolen hat from B., Forever 21 dress, Marc New York coat, DKNY boots

PS I'm thrilled to have finally ended my search for a Burberry Prorsum-ish hat, which I actually stole from B.'s wardrobe. I love this hat!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Obama Gras Took It's Toll...

Listening to Frosch (by Mouse on Mars)

I'm still recovering. I've been delinquent about posting because I still haven't gotten my act together to organize some photos. And we're going to And I'm not packed. Crap.

This was from this weekend, sometime. Not sure which day.

Black and Blue

Black and Blue

Banana Republic blazer, Sunner shirt, Jonathan Saunders for Target pants, Zara shoes

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


DC is finally deflating. Today was the first day the stores and streets weren't completely packed with people and I feel like I can finally breathe again (I'd never make it as a New Yorker). While B and I were not brave enough to venture down to the Mall, we were lucky enough to attend the MTV "Be the Change" Youth Inaugural Ball (thanks to my awesome friend, Ek). Like all inaugural balls, it involved a lot of waiting in lines, but we ended up meeting quite a few lovely and interesting people because of it. I wish I'd taken more pictures, but I never seem to remember to do that when it actually counts. I'll refer you here to see more if you're interested.

our tickets!!
our tickets!

prom dress
my dress for Obama prom

Prom picture
me and my shrunken-head-Obama date - he truly is a marvelous dancer!

...and we're waiting in line again
...and we're in line again! (this time for drinks)

Mango bustier and skirt, Aqua clutch

PS I have more pics of this weekend to share once I get my act together to organize them all!

I was so tired last night that I completely forgot to mention that the Mango top and skirt were relics from my time in Paris. I got them when I was tres pauvre and had to find a dress for a university ball in England {enter Mango}. Since we got tix for the inaugural ball kind of last minute, I dug out these tried and true duds. I still love them and if I had my druthers, I probably would have paired them with a Tim Burton-ish feather cape. Next time, perhaps...

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Obama Gras!

Kinda been MIA because this weekend has been ridiculously busy with people coming to stay with us and DC being absolutely packed with people. Rest assured I've been taking tons of pictures to share with you soon. In the meantime, K has a new t-shirt, purchased late night at the Dupont CVS.

yes we can

Friday, January 16, 2009

Keno Thursday

Currently listening to Choctaw Bingo (by James McMurtry)

Good God is it cold outside! Since I couldn't let anything stand between me and Keno Thursday, I busted out my "cold weather coat." I got this coat when I lived in Paris and it's ridiculously warm. I was kind of obsessed with finding a shearling coat at the time, but good ones are usually super-expensive. Luckily, I found this one at a great vintage store (I'm pretty sure) near Rue St-Denis. Anyway, it's a little roomier than my other coats but I can fit more layers under it this way.

Picture 687

coat detail
I love the rope buttons on this thing - they don't make them like this anymore.

vintage coat, Mango jeans, Laredo cowboy boots

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Eye Candy of All Shapes and Sizes

Eye Candy Shapes
Image Source

Clockwise, from top left: Calvin Klein, Lanvin, Etro, Balenciaga, Chloe, Devi Kroell

I'm thrilled about all the amazing geometrical shapes designers are pulling out for Spring. My favorites might be Francisco Costa's origami-like constructions for Calvin Klein, but I forced myself to only pick one for my Picasa collage. Lanvin has a similar-style pieces, like the skirt above (I love that it's neutral and not overdone), but the rest of the collection focuses more on draping (fabulous draping). Etro had these stand-out balloon pants that I couldn't ignore, meanwhile, Balenciaga maintained that wonderful space-age style it's known so well for by balancing bell shapes with tightly-pulled jersey across the torso. Chloe featured wonderful curved shapes throughout much of its spring collection, but I like the addition of the scalloped detail. Last, but not least, I love the collar on this magnificent kimono-esque coat from Devi Kroell's debut ready-to-wear collection.

Washington Post on What Michelle Obama's Style Will Bring to DC

Washington Post had an interesting article about the Chicago fashion influence that Michelle Obama will most likely bring to Washington. A snippet:

The brutal weather translates into a practical approach to fashion
overall. "There's a total Midwestern sensibility. You're proud to have gotten a
good deal," Rowley says. "It's totally counterintuitive to the whole fashion
world where status and price makes something desirable, when in the Midwest it's
that special thing you find, like a flea market find or the J. Crew outfit
Michelle [Obama] wore on Leno." (

Personally, I would enjoy seeing a First Lady with more accessible fashion sense. This could be very cool.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I Can't Get This Song Out of My Head

Currently listening to Shift Shape (by Hieroglyphics) over and over again.

Yesterday I got to work from home, which was great because I only had to leave the house once all day. I'm still loving these pants. They're so comfy.

Picture 642

J. Crew blazer, Mango pants, Zara shoes

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I've Been Neglecting My Art MoCo

Image Source

...or I might have noticed these sooner. Francesca Signori makes amazing paper-like coats (and pillows), advertising, "for ultra-glamorous travellers who love moving around with the lightest baggage possible – like clouds who never forget their own style!" And these crazy things are washable.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Steampunkery, as Promised

Image Source

Clockwise from top right: Roberto Cavalli Fall '08, Ralph Lauren Fall '08, Hermes Spring '09, John Galliano Spring '09, Ralph Lauren Spring '09

So the main image that stuck out in my mind from the Steampunk-inspired runway looks I've been seeing is the Roberto Cavalli number in the upper right. It's a little costume-y, but that doesn't mean I would turn down that hat if it were offered to me. Actually, I'm pretty dead set on getting a top hat in the near future. Looking forward to Spring 09 and even pre-Fall 09, I saw more Steampunk influences, but it’s evolving. Let’s not forget that Steampunk takes influences from the “wild west” and military garb as well. That's what I love about the Hermes and John Galliano collections for Spring. Hermes takes the old west route, while John Galliano conjures exaggerated, cartoon-like Napoleonic references (namely the hats) and dresses that seem to teeter upon the edge of Victorian dresses and undergarments. Oh and I can't forget Ralph Lauren, who goes the explorer route (as he often does), but this Spring seems...more historic, more reminiscent of pioneers, I guess. Anyhoo, that's my in-depth analysis for today. Maybe for this week, cuz I probably just blacked out.

Somewhat Steampunk I Suppose...

I wasn't really going for any particular look with this, but in looking at the pictures, it does kind of look Steampunk-ish. All I need now is a top hat or a pair of driving goggles. Oh and I've been quite excited about some Steampunk-type things I've been seeing on the runway. I'll have to dig for those to share later.

Somewhat Steampunk I Suppose

Somewhat Steampunk I Suppose

Somewhat Steampunk I Suppose

Somewhat Steampunk I Suppose

Marc New York coat, Banana Republic sweater, vintage YSL belt, Mango trousers, DKNY boots

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Impractical Dressing

Currently listening to Africa (big hit last night)

K: What are you wearing tonight?
E: I don't know. I think it's going to be cold.
K: Yeah.
E: I think I'm going to wear shorts and tights.
K: Ok, I'm going to wear a black dress.

This was another pointless conversation brought to you by K and E, because a.) we never influence each other on what we'll end up wearing and b.) the weather almost never bears any importance in said wardrobe decisions.

Last night my friends got a keg bus for one of my friends' 30th birthday. This is why I'm still wearing my keg bus wristband in this picture. B wanted me to mention how good he is at drunk picture-taking, too.

Impractical Dressing

Impractical Dressing

vintage necklace, odille top, Forever21 culottes, Bebe tights, Report Signature shoes

Addendum: I did wear a black velvet jacket with this, so I'm not completely insane. However, at whatever time it was when I got home, I didn't have the foresight to photograph myself in it.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Grandma's Sweater

Currently listening to Love and Affection (by Nelson)

This isn't really grandma's sweater, but some of my friends joke that my grandmother knitted this for me because it looks as such. I'm still enjoying my "winter" white jeans and finding all kinds of new possibilities in my wardrobe since implementing them.

Grandma's sweater

Grandma's Sweater

Grandma's Sweater

Relais sweater, Urban Outfitters belt, Mango jeans, Tecnica boots

Friday, January 9, 2009

The Blushing Newspaper Returns

Currently listening to Poison (by Bell Biv Devoe)
poison! poison! poison!

W. and I were recently discussing how white is really more of a winter color than a summer color. "Winter white" has never really been my thing, given my pasty-white complexion and, when you think about it, stark white is really much more applicable to winter than summer. Would you rather have dirty snow or clean snow? Think about it. Anyhoo, this convo motivated me to buy a pair of white pants for winter. I love them so. They're so much more formal, in my opinion, and they work so well with black and red.

The Blushing Newspaper Returns

The Blushing Newspaper Returns

Jonathan Saunders for Target hoodie, Petit Bateau t-shirt, Mango jeans, Pour la Victoire shoes

PS Keno at Kavanaugh's might become a problem for me.