Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Met Fav

Met Gala Favs
Alek Wek. Hands down. No debate.

and close seconds...

Met Gala Favs
Shalom Harlow

Met Gala Favs
Dasha Zhukova

Also, I was kind of surprised by some of the risk-takers this year. What did you guys think?

images from Style.com


Hanako66 said...


I always love that people get a little crazy at this event.

Emmy said...

Alek Wek. No words. The luminescent touch on the purple fabric makes her skin look UNBELIEVABLE. That colour is pure genius.

Shin said...

Wow, cudoes to them for wearing something out of the box. I love Alex Wek's dress the best! xxoxoxo

Joelyne said...

the Alek Wek photo is gorgeous!!! ♥

p.s. just added you to bloglovin'!!! =)


Elizabeth Victoria C said...

Alek Wek should wear fuschia every single day, she looks AMAZING... I loved the dresses this year, there were some really amazing ones. I personally like Ashley Olsen's the best. xx

Ashita said...

i love love alex wek!!

talking about risk takers... Rihanna or Leighton Meester. Since when was she fashion forward?

E said...

Ashita- yeah, I was totally thinking of Leighton when I mentioned that. I was so surprised by the "teen icon" set this year. Even Emma Roberts was workin' it!

aandhblog said...

Alek Wek looks amazing in that color! I haven't see ALL the pictures yet, but I'm also surprised by how many opted for a standard dress.


Dream Sequins said...

Dasha's a pretty girl, but I don't like her dress!

Anna G said...

I wish my skin glowed like hers. I agree with your choice for her and Shalom Harlow.

Mary said...

wow, alek wek looks other worldly beautiful, and I love her make up and accessories.