Friday, May 29, 2009

Land of the Pine

Land of the Pine

One more of the shoes before they go back in the closet so another pair gets a turn. They just seem to spruce up the most simple outfits so nicely! A few of you asked where I got them - Urban Outfitters, my friends. Best place to find interesting, but cheap sandals. Here they are online.

We spent this past weekend at a friend's farmhouse near Boone, NC. Here are a few pics from the weekend...



totally safe


not so much functional anymore


Sunner dress
Urban Outfitters belt
Sweet Life sandals


Damsels said...

those shoes are dope ! i'm not gonna get tired of seeing them
and thats agreat pic on the window .

Kristin said...

Gorgeous pics! Makes me want to go partake in some nature. Love that one of the pie sign!

The Voguette said...

i love a good picture post - and your pictures are absolutely amazing!

i love the tiers in that skirt as well! <3

The Voguette

Amelia said...

I love the first picture! It's composed so nicely. Lovely dress.

Dream Sequins said...

I second the comment about those lovely shoes. Sometimes there's just a favorite pair that needs to be loved more than others. And what lovely scenery. Makes me want a countryhome or be out in the woods!

Francheska said...

the shoes are ace!!!!!!!
And I love all these photos!
such summery inspiration !

HiFashion said...

I love those picture. Makes me want to go exploring around London. That pie sign is great!

Danielle said...

I'm still not tired of seeing those shoes. They're awesome!

Emz said...

I love your dress and those pictures are awesome!

Marian said...

what a beautiful dress, what beautiful images and delish flats honey!
big kiss and happy wknd.
muah x

Krystal said...

that looks heavenly!

sarah said...

daniel boone is my

Style Porn said...

Ahh, how relaxing and bucolic! I miss the south, actually. I lived in New Orleans for 4 years and the relaxed pace of life, the lush greenery, and the food can't be beat. I still want to move back some day...

I have yet to visit NC though, and these pictures are making me want to take a trip!

freeteyme said...

You are definitely living up to your blog's title - another chic outfit! And the pictures are amazing! I Reminds me of my grandparents place =)

deep_in_vogue said...

Gorgeous images, wow! And I love your dress, it's divine!

Cypriotchick said...

i love the photos! u have a great nack at photography!


Mademoisselle Chic said...

nice pics! :)

Elizabeth Marie said...

So chic, definitely! Gosh you're so lucky...there is no nature like this in LA! Gorgeous pictures!

I hope you have a fabulous weekend! XO, Liz

Sadie's Wardrobe said...

Aw, this place looks so relaxing!
I'm not too sure that I'd be keen on the piggy pie though!

yiqin; said...

The first photo is so well taken :)

Mimi said...

Stunning photography!
Loving those shoes


Hippie Frou Frou said...

Such lovely photos!

jess s//

Shin said...

I've always wanted to see those shoes worn by someone!! They look great on you! That piggy pie picture is so hilarious! xxoxoxoo

Keeley said...

Urban Outfitters IS truely amazing, love your outfitt (per usual) the photos are lovely and the piggy pie pic is so darn cute!

Looks like you had a great time!

Hanako66 said...

those shoes are awesome...what a gorgeous place!