Friday, October 31, 2008

To the Bat Cave!

I love this new cardigan/hoodie thing from Jonathan Saunder's line for Target. My stuff finally came after a little debaucle with previous addresses and such. Anyway, I feel like a little superhero in this thing and it is Halloween so I thought this would be an appropriate way to pose.

Jonathan Saunder's for Target cardigan, J Brand jeans, Zara boots

Happy All Hallows Eve!

I listened to the "Electric Slide" on the way in this morning - what did you listen to? I also saw a lady eating with chopsticks in traffic on the Beltway, but that's beside the point...

I thought I'd make a Halloween Playlist since there are so many great Halloween songs. Here's what I have so far (links to incredible youtube videos on some of them):
  1. Rockwell “Somebody’s Watching Me”
  2. Outkast “Dracula’s Wedding”
  3. Ray Parker, Jr. “Who Ya Gonna Call”
  4. Screamin' Jay Hawkins "I Put a Spell on You"
  5. Soul Coughing "Unmarked Helecopters"
  6. The Blues Image "Ride Captain Ride"
  7. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds "Red Right Hand"
  8. Rob Zombie "Dragula"
  9. Michael Jackson "Thriller"
  10. Lords of Acid "Out Comes the Evil"
Any you would add? I'm open to suggestions...

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Addendum to Channeling Trainspotting

Topshop is now offering this, a pretty close replica of Diane's dress.

I'm just sayin'...

Ladies Who Wear Red Attract Men

I feel like this is kind of “duh,” but what I found most interesting was:

The men also were asked, "Imagine that you are going on a date with this person and have $100 in your wallet. How much money would you be willing to spend on your date?" When she was clad in red, the men said they would spend more money on her. (Reuters)

So there you have it. Ladies, take note. I wonder if I wear more red, B. will buy me more things...

Bravo Shopbop


I have to say Shopbop really hit the nail on the head with this one. I'm loving the comeback of kneesocks and this is a fabulous way to wear them. I love the sheer black with the fetish shoes because it's as far-removed from the schoolgirl-Clueless style as possible (not that I didn't love Clueless, just don't need to go there unless it's for a Halloween costume). I'm also glad to see the Art prints aren't going away anytime soon. I might attempt my own interpretation, which could result in a huge success or giant giant failure. We'll see...

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

This Could Very Well Break Me

Anyone that knows me well knows that I have an unhealthy addiction to reading Radar. It has been brought to my attention that Radar will soon be shutting down (again, after an all-too-brief tease). Judging by the new content on their website, they've already gotten rid of most of their good writers. I wonder what Anna Marie Cox will do now?

In memoriam, I list my favorite Radar articles below. Farewell brave soldier, we hardly knew ye. A world without you is a world without sunshine.

27 Ways to Succeed in Politics
Blair Waldorf's British Invasion
Con Artist Does to Republican Delegate What Republicans Have Done to Country
Getting into Fashion Week: the Disguise
Serena Is Assimilated
Jennifer Anniston, You Must Chill
Joe Biden's Failed Attempt to Dislodge Bratty Son from Lobbying Biz
Modeling 101: Hack Posin'
Pirates: "You Only Die Once!"
The Palins Do People
The Duchovny-Leoni-Thornton Triangle or, the End of the Internet
Bring Me the Head of Spencer Pratt
The PUMAs Are Stirring
The Single Most Important Convention Tidbit
We Were Her Love, She Was Our Queen
Why McCain Called Obama "That One"

Ok, I guess I meant "favorite Radar articles from the last two months," which is as far back as my Google reader/attention span for this post goes.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

If Betty Draper Were a Paper Doll


I'm an avid viewer of Mad Men and one of my favorite characters is Betty Draper. I think she's the most enigmatic character on the show (if such a thing is possible) and I love that she's an "ice queen" blonde, not a "pop tart" blonde. I'm also particularly drawn to her wardrobe - very old-school WASP (equestrienne, country club, etc.).

When she goes riding, I could see her wearing...

This beautiful Fendi Coat, Burberry quilted gloves, this Asian-inspired Ferragamo scarf, the quintessential Tailored Sportsman breeches, custom Vogel boots, Virginia Slims (cigarette of choice for '60's women), and a Charles Owen Ascot helmet.

For more, AMC has a great gallery of Mad Men womenswear fashions right now.

Joining the Circus

I feel like I'm about one step away from one of those guys on stilts in this outfit. The only thing I'm missing is a top hat.

Banana Republic blazer, Target t-shirt, Rapt in Maille necklace, Betsey Johnson pants, Report Signature hooker heels, Zara clutch

Monday, October 27, 2008

Nola me manque :-(

It's icky outside and there are things I should do, but don't want to. I'd rather reminisce about my fabulous trip to New Orleans instead :-).

Let me start by stating the obvious: New Orleans is one of the greatest cities in the world for food, bars, and vintage shopping.

Day 1 in Nola:

Start out at Daiquiri Bar, a local fav, get beverages, and proceed directly to Crabby Jack's. There, eat the most amazing sandwich in the world: shrimp remoulade with fried green tomatoes (though everything else is amazing too). After that, go to Audubon Zoo, see the giraffes, awesome monkeys, and otters. Wander around Magazine St., which has the best vintage stores. Try on sunglasses at Funky Monkey (see above) and drink Abita on the balcony at Balcony Bar. Share romantic dinner with B and K, over delicious wine, cheese and mussels with wine and garlic at La Crepe Nanou. Then head to King Pin for shuffleboard and video poker. Continue onto Mayfair. Watch B beat the crap out of a local guy, whom we tell that we are from Memphis and have never seen snow, in pool. K and E actually win a few games of video poker and quickly decide it will be an excellent get-rich-quick scheme. Rest of the group joins us at Avenue Pub, which has delicious cheese fries. K wins more $ in video poker.

Day 2 in Nola:

K and E go to Slice because they cannot wait for everyone else to eat. Are glad they did, because it is delicious and everyone else is forced to wait for over an hour at Domilise's for their po-boy's. It is worth it though, because they are amazing po-boys. Proceed to Columns for mint juleps and idle banter on the porch. Wander around Magazine St. again. Go to Naaz, which has fantastic affordable finds and Sputnik Ranch, which has amazing whimsical western duds (like John Wayne meets John Waters). Discover magical boutique from heaven, called Sucre. Eat the best French macarons outside of Paris and other treats. Dine at the very delicious Mat & Naddies. Eat phenomenal grilled oysters and shrimp and crawfish croquettes. Meet police officer/stripper guy, who wants to move to Miami to strip full-time. Go to Dos Jefes for great live music and pool. Continue onto French Quarter for further debauchery.

Day 3 in Nola:

Wake up and force ourselves to look presentable for Commander's Palace. Enjoy the delicious turtle soup and bread pudding souffle. Wander around the Garden District and look at the beautiful houses, then return to the hotel for siesta. Wander around Audubon Park and enjoy the scenery. Head to Cooter Brown's for much-needed sustenance (it had been hours since our last meal!). Later, go to Port of Call for delicious burgers and Lafittes for piano bar singing and beers.

Day 4 in Nola:

Wake up for breakfast (New Orleans Slammer to be exact) at Slim Goodies. Wander around Garden District and take pictures of houses (see below). Finish our glorious trip with barbecue shrimp sandwiches and oysters bienville at Pascal's Manale. Leave very happy campers.


Guest (Self) Stylist

Special guest R. shows off her sassy sense of style. I'm a big fan of the tights with platform sandals and awesome accessories.

Anthropologie dress, Moth sweater, Nordstroms tights, shoes unknown, green turquoise necklace by Ramune Rastonis, amber bracelet from Lithuania, spikey ring from Barcelona

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Wine Club!

Favorite night of the month! This was my outfit...

Wine Club

"Come here my little wide-eyed doe... can I offer you some champagne?"

Banana Republic blazer, Target t-shirt, M Missoni scarf (stolen from dress), AA leggings, Dolce Vita shoes, Zara clutch (with fringe that the picture does not do justice)

Our Table - glorious, no?

Would not be complete without the American Chopper-themed paper plates :-)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Now Channeling: Trainspotting

My favorite movie of all time has been making a comeback lately, both on and off the runway...

Diane and Balmain work the sequins on the mini dress
images (c) Miramax and Elle

Sick Boy and Agyness Deyn have lots in common - Docs, menswear, peroxide bleached hair...

Love this blazer, they're everywhere right now

Renton rocks the mineral washed jeans throughout the movie - a current fav at AA
I need to bust out my Docs...

Thursday, October 23, 2008

If I Had All the Money in the World...

I would buy...
*le sigh!*

Topshop Blazer, Day to Night

We begin our day channeling an evil headmistress (sans Sexy Sarah glasses)...

Glorious Topshop Blazer, Express dress, Vera Wang for Kohls tights, Zara boots, Boyy bag

...and transition to night as the fun-loving hunt country hipster!

Topshop blazer, C&C tee, J brand jeans, Zara shoes

Topshop Sale!

It's the Topshop sale today bitches! I can tell you I've already ordered this and this and this. Crossing my fingers they're all as cute as they look on the internets!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fall Gold Cup

I always love the hat usage at Fall Gold Cup. Here are my favs...

Adorable '20s style

Floppy Felt Hat

Cool fedora

of course I love the cowboy hat

Note to Self

Leverage RNC for new fall wardrobe...